Friday, January 27, 2006

Old snow leopard flounders into village

Old snow leopard flounders into village


CHITRAL, 27 Jan 06: Due to extreme cold in the high  Hindu Kush region of Chitral, a snow leopard has come down into the village from its natural habitat. It howls at nights on rocks, just above the houses, at the base of the Roshgol valley of Terich  ( Base village of the Terich Mir mountain). it was lately seen at night  crossing the village but it has so far done no harm to any human or animal.  


The long presence of the wild cat is ascribed to extreme cold this year but other sources say that it might be due to illness of the cat  or just old age that has compelled the big cat to come down in search of food but, so far, has not done any damage to either human or animal life. Children are scared and refuse to go out after evening for fear of the leopard. It is to be noted that the valley  road is already blocked due to snowfall and a very big landslide.  


The land slide was the cause of the last earthquake and was very dangerous in the previous months  but it slid down into the gorge a week ago and all traffic the area is blocked which needs immediate attention of the authorities. (report by Prof. R K Baig)


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