Thursday, January 26, 2006

Young Radio-Collared Lynx Found Illegally Shot Near Twig, MN

Young Radio-Collared Lynx Found Illegally Shot Near Twig, MN


    WASHINGTON, Jan. 26 /PRNewswire/ -- Defenders of Wildlife announced today

that it is offering a $1500 reward for information leading to the arrest of

the person(s) responsible for illegally killing a Canada lynx near Twig, MN in

November.  The Canada lynx is listed as threatened under the Endangered

Species Act and killing wild lynx is prohibited by federal law.  The most

recent killing is one of several that have taken place over the course of the

last year, further jeopardizing the future of the threatened cat.

    "The lynx is already struggling for survival in Minnesota," said Mike

Leahy, spokesperson for Defenders of Wildlife.  "Every lynx that is killed

sets back the recovery of this rare wild cat."

    In addition to illegal killing, Leahy pointed to the numerous other

threats facing the lynx, including habitat loss and injury or death in traps

set for bobcats, fox, and other animals.  Defenders is working with state and

federal agencies to address the trapping issue and protect vital lynx habitat.

    "The lynx is one of the region's most important predators.  It plays a

vital role in the health of Minnesota's wilderness areas," said Leahy.

    "We applaud the tenacious efforts of local Fish and wildlife Service

authorities as they work to stop these senseless killings and bring the

perpetrators to justice," added Leahy.

    Defenders of Wildlife's $1500 reward is on top of a $500 reward being

offered by the Fish and Wildlife Service, bringing the total reward to $2000.

Defenders' contribution comes from their Imperiled Predator Reward Fund

established in 1998 to bring illegal predator killers to justice.


    Defenders of Wildlife is recognized as one of the nation's most

progressive advocates for wildlife and its habitat. With more than 490,000

members and supporters, Defenders of Wildlife is an effective leader on

endangered species issues.


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