Sunday, February 19, 2006

Snow leopard devours three antelopes within ten days

Snow leopard devours three antelopes within ten days

Sunday February 19, 2006 (0040 PST)


CHITRAL: A snow leopard is on the loose in the Toshi Shahshah conservatory area, about 10 kilometers from Chitral, and has devoured three prized and preserved species of antelopes found in the area.

The Snow leopard who has descended in the plains of the area from hilltops, lingers stealthily active in the environs of Garam Chashma (hot springs) area and is currently focus of great interest for the public.


According to eyewitnesses, the snow leopard has already devoured about twenty-five of the antelopes since December.


The license fee for prize hunting of these antelopes is estimated at U$52,000 per antelope. 40% of the fee goes to VCC and remaining 40% to related VCCs. The balance 20% goes to the government.


Calculated thus the leopard has caused enormous damages worth millions to the government exchequer and public interests of the region.


According to a survey there are about 400 antelopes in the conservatory. The leopard has been also blamed for attacking pens holding domestic animals and consuming them with equal relish. He is also said to have attacked various pet dogs.


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