Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Hungry leopard, lucky dog

Hungry leopard, lucky dog


Shimla, India: A hungry leopard chased a dog into a village bathroom, but the house owner showed tremendous presence of mind to quickly bolt the door and call for a cage.


The incident took place in a village on the outskirts of this popular resort town late Tuesday.


But what surprised all was that even though the whimpering dog and the growling leopard remained locked in the bathroom for around six hours, the dog wasn't killed.


Wildlife officials say the leopard apparently spared the dog as he became nervous once the bathroom door was bolted from outside.


When the cage was placed outside the opened door, the big cat walked into the cage and was later sent to a zoo here. The injured and petrified dog was recovering from his wounds.


"He is probably the luckiest dog around, as he survived literally from the jaws of the leopard," said Santosh Kumar, who bolted the door.


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