Friday, March 31, 2006

Leopard in a spot

By: Nimesh Dave
March 31, 2006

It took committed officials from the Sanjay Gandhi National Park around 90 minutes to rescue a female leopard trapped in a well in Kaman village on the Ahmedabad-Bhiwandi highway. Nimesh Dave reports

At 4 am on Thursday, when some girls from Kaman village, around 40 km from Mumbai on the Ahmedabad-Bhiwandi highway, reached the village well to get water for their daily chores, they found a female leopard trying to make its way out of the 18-foot-deep well.

They immediately ran home to tell their parents who in turn informed the village sarpanch. The sarpanch waited for daylight and then called the Vasai police station to inform them about the animal.

The cops called the Vasai fire station for help. At 1.30 pm, firemen arrived. But when their efforts to rescue the leopard failed, forest officials of the Sanjay Gandhi National Park were called in. The officials arrived by 1.50 pm and pulled the leopard back to safety.

2.30 pm
Help arrives: Forest officials throw a cot in the well, in the hope that the leopard would jump onto it and could then be pulled to safety. The animal still refused to cooperate, hence the officials then tied a noose around its belly and tranquilised it

2.45 pm
Dum laga ke haiya: After 15 minutes, when the animal fell unconscious, it was pulled out

3 pm
In transit: The three-and-a-half year old rescued animal was then taken to the forest department van

3.10 pm
Back home: At 3.10 pm, the leopard was released into the national park, safe and sound

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