Monday, March 20, 2006

Saki Naka Police Nabs Carrier with LEOPARD Skin Worth Rs 25,000

Saki Naka Police Nabs Carrier with LEOPARD Skin Worth Rs 25,000


By Staff Reporter


Last week after the Varanasi blasts during the 'nakabandi' arrangement by Sakinaka Police, they chanced upon an auto rickshaw which was transporting a Leopard skin by a carrier meant for trading.


PSI Kadam who was manning the check post near Saki Naka said, “The person traveling in the auto appeared suspicious, we questioned him but he was giving vague answers. We then searched his belongings to find the leopard skin hidden in his personal belongings.”


The carrier Dhananjay Ramchandra Lambar (19) was carrying this leopard skin worth Rs 25,000 to an unknown contact in Bail Bazar in Kurla. He said I was told to meet somebody at a point and handover him the parcel.


Sr. PI Khandagle of Saki Naka police told Planet Powai that the carrier Dhananjay was in possession of a banned wild life skin and has been arrested under Wildlife Protection Act of 1972, section 50 (2), 51 and send to police remand for fifteen days. Interrogation of the accused did not reveal any source or destination contact of the larger nexus in this illegal trade of banned animal skin.


Police is also getting in touch with forest officials to establish any clue in their knowledge about any poaching incident in the National Forest. Investigations are going on in the case and police is yet to crack the gang operating in this area

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