Saturday, August 26, 2006

California deputies snag a mountain lion

Friday, August 25, 2006
By: Stacy Daniel

Paso Robles, CA Scary moments for some workers in Paso Robles when they discover an unwanted guest in their warehouse. A mountain lion wandered in, and fell asleep.

The warehouse is located in an industrial part of Paso Robles, just off Ramada Drive.

A Pacific Metals and Manufacturing employee was on his way home for the day when he noticed something hiding in the storage area. A closer look revealed it was a mountain lion.

The employee backed away and closed the door to lock the animal inside. Then he called for help.

The San Luis Obispo County Sheriff's Department responded. By that time, the Mountain Lion escaped the warehouse.

Sheriff's Deputies forced the mountain lion out of its hiding place with a hose, and when it ran out into the open, it was shot with a tranquilizer dart.

"This is a pretty rural area, but I never thought it would get this close. It never dawned on me that it would be anywhere around here," said Bill Dube, warehouse employee.

Officials said the mountain lion was about two years old, not fully grown, and probably lost.

Mountain lions are common in California and can be found where deer roam, but they usually avoid contact with people.

Once sheriff's deputies subdued the mountain lion, they carried it to an outlying area in northern San Luis Obispo County and let it go.

Before this sighting, the last mountain lion incident was over a month ago in eastern Atascadero. That mountain lion killed eight goats before heading back into the wilderness.

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