Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Cougars researched in Upper Michigan

At the Natural Resources Commission meeting in Manistique, Thursday, the Director of Wildlife programs, Patrick Rusz, presented his continued research on the cougar. The animal is a state listed endangered species.

Nearly 300 animal droppings were collected from 12 areas of Michigan. The droppings in the Upper Peninsula were found in Delta, Dickinson, Menominee and Houghton Counties. The one with the most DNA information was from a Delta County animal.

Also, hair taken from the car bumper of a motorist who claimed to have hit a cougar in Menominee County came back a positive match to the animal.

"The evidence has accumulated not so much by the wildlife investigations, but instead because of tips and leads by citizens," Rusz says.

Researchers requested that a formal investigation on the status of cougars in Michigan is the first step in protecting this endangered species.


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