Friday, August 18, 2006

Russian group educates kids on Amur leopard

Leopard mark books [bookmarks]

On the eve of a new school year about 3,500 schoolchildren of 5-11th grades of Khasansky district of Primorsky region will get a present from WWF-Russia and Phoenix Fund - mark books "Leopard's Land". This mark book will accompany children into the world of knowledge and will become a guide on very rich nature of southwestern Primorye. In contains information about fauna of the region and teaches to treat our planet mates with care, especially the closest and least numerous ones the Amur leopard. This subspecies living nowhere but in Primorsky region of Russia, numbers not more than 30 individuals. The fact is sure to turn up news for many local residents, including parents who will learn about this while checking their kids' successes at school.

The mark books will be given out by WWF and Phoenix representatives to directors of secondary schools of Khasansky district at the Teachers' Conference in the settlement of Slavyanka on August 28-29, 2006. Schoolchildren will get them free on the Day of Knowledge - September 1st.

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