Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Black leopards seen near centre

MYSTERY big cats are said to have been spotted prowling around Bluewater.

Two species of cat - a black leopard and a puma - have been seen near the shopping centre.

There have been 35 sightings in the past three months.

On one occasion, a black Leopard was spotted in broad daylight by a family eating in the meal enclosure near McDonalds.

The sightings were reported to Kent Big Cat Research. Neil Arnold founded the group, which studies eyewitness reports of exotic cats, 15 years ago.

It aims to make the public aware big cats such as the puma, black leopard and lynx are roaming the county.

Mr Arnold said: "Hundreds of witnesses have seen cats within several miles of Bluewater.

"My aims are to see the animals are recognised and protected and I want to make the public aware of what's out there."

The cats are timid and will only attack as a last resort.

If you spot a big cat, call Mr Arnold on 01634 302572

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