Saturday, September 30, 2006

Connecticut couple catches bobcat on tape in yard

Was Hunting A Woodchuck On Lawn

(CBS4) Connecticut Recent bobcat sightings in central Massachusetts have some homeowners on alert and one family just south of the border in Connecticut has spotted a bobcat at least six times recently even catching it on camera.

The first time the family saw her- they think the bobcat's a she- was on July 18th. Keith Dunkley was in the kitchen on his house.

“I noticed there was a woodchuck out there, so I grabbed my video camera,” he said.

The woodchuck was then attacked by the bobcat. Keith’s wife, Tina attempted to shoo away the bobcat to save the woodchuck.

The Dunkleys called Connecticut environmental officials about their furry visitor.

“They said they were fairly common in this area and weren't surprised something like this would happen,” said Keith Dunkley.

Marion Larson, the outreach coordinator for Mass wildlife says people in such places as Grafton, where a bobcat sighting was recently reported, should have little concern except for their pets, because bobcats tend to avoid people.

“We're the third most densely populated state in the country, five million acres with six million people on it sharing with wildlife and to have this elusive creature is a wonderful thing,” Larson said

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