Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Siberian tiger eats mushroom hunter

Li Xinran

A HEILONGJIANG farmer was attacked and killed by a Siberian tiger last Friday when he was searching for mushrooms on a mountain, Xinhua news agency reported today.

On Friday morning, Leng Hongwen, who lived in Dongning County, northeast China's Heilongjiang Province, went mushrooming picking with his son.

Leng's son reportedly rode a motorcycle carrying his father to the foot of the mountain, and then lost contact with him when his father wandered off to search for mushrooms.

Unable to find his father, he left and went to find some other residents who could help him search the mountain.

However, the search was a failure and Leng's remains were found the next day at 8am.

Local police said Leng was killed by a Siberian tiger that came from neighboring Russia. He was hunting for mushrooms in a remote area quite close to the Russian border.

Cui Changsong, the chief of a local police station, said they initially found Leng's mushroom basket. They then noticed drag marks on the ground where Leng's was most likely attacked by the tiger.

Close the drag marks was Leng's bodily remains, tiger hair and claw marks, which inclined the local police to believe that he was killed by a 150-kilogram Siberian tiger.

The local police have warned residents to not hunt for mushroom in remote areas.

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