Wednesday, September 20, 2006

VIDEO: Mountain lion sightings in Boise becoming commonplace; bobcat may be escaped pet

06:39 PM MDT on Monday, September 18, 2006

BOISE, Idaho -- A bobcat spotted near a Boise neighborhood this morning may have been someone's pet, according to a neighbor.

Around 6:30 a.m., Boise Police received a report of a bobcat near Pinehurst and 36th Street. A woman who lives nearby said her neighbor has a pet bobcat. Police did not find anything in the area.

On Sunday, a worker at the Hyde Park Street Fair spotted a cougar in a wooded area near 13th Street.

Wildlife experts say it's not uncommon at the end of summer for mountain lions to follow other animals to the Greenbelt for food and water.

In the last month, the Idaho Department of Fish and Game received four to five reported sightings of mountain lions within Boise city limits.

"Droughty, dry weather will push lions and other animals down to the lush green areas in the valley bottoms to try and get some water," said Steve Nadeau, Idaho Fish and Game.

"Is it safe to say that this happens every year?" asked NewsChannel 7.

"Yeah. We’ve been having lions in Boise since I’ve been in Boise for the last five years, and before then on fairly regular occasions," said Nadeau.

And even though the big cats get close enough for people to spot them, no one has ever been killed by a mountain lion in Idaho.

And the last time someone was injured was in 1999, near the Salmon River. ktvbn-sep1806-bobcat_sighted.21dbbc20.html

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