Saturday, September 23, 2006

VIDEO: Officials capture 100-LB mountain lion In Boulder, CO

Shaun Boyd

(CBS4) BOULDER, Colo. Wildlife officers recently trapped a mountain lion in a Boulder neighborhood making it the second cat in two weeks to be captured in the city.

The first mountain lion was a year old and wandered too far east. The latest cat weighed 100 pounds and was stalking prey in backyards.

Art Wartburg put a fence up around his yard to keep the deer out but one got in anyway when it was dragged in by the mountain lion.

"It's quite an exciting story you know," Wartburg said.

It all started Monday night when the cat buried his cache under Wartburg's apple tree.

"We get bears, we get fox, but this …" Wartburg said as he laughed.

The mountain lion took cover in nearby bushes by day and ate the deer by night.

"Just snacking away, that's his buffet," Wartburg said.

The mountain lion kept it up until neighbors spotted him and called the Division of Wildlife.

"They herded everyone in their houses and cars and things," Wartburg said.

Officers set a trap using the deer meat as bait and then waited.

"He came up here looking for his cache and I heard this great bang and we knew we had him," Wartburg said.

This is the second mountain lion trapped in the city of Boulder in as many weeks. The Division of Wildlife said it should serve as a wake up call.

"When we have people feeding deer or raccoons or feeding their pets outside and not paying attention to their pets, that's like ringing a dinner bell for some of these larger predators," said Tyler Baskfield with the Division of Wildlife.

Wildlife officers tagged and relocated both of the mountain lions they caught in Boulder.

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