Thursday, September 28, 2006

Wild bobcat reportedly on the loose in Grafton, MA

Experts: Bobcats Will Usually Only Prey On Small Animals

Sep 28, 2006 12:11 am US/Eastern

(CBS4) GRAFTON An adult bobcat was found to be prowling in backyards in Grafton Sunday. Neighbors say they’ve been taken off guard by the animal’s presence and are not taking any chances with their pets or children.

“It’s a beautiful animal but it’s not something that I expected to be living in my backyard,” said Janet Halloran, a Grafton resident. “I was very scared. My children are out in the years. I have a young puppy that is contained in the yard.”

The bobcat was spotted Sunday afternoon by Kathleen Ferraro and her husband, who took several pictures.

“The cat was coming across the back of the yard and headed toward the garden,” Kathleen Ferraro said.

Some residents are not letting their pets outside and are taking precaution when their children play outside.

Experts said bobcats in the Grafton area are common, and although carnivores will usually only prey on small animals.

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