Saturday, October 14, 2006

MOVIE: Follow a cougar biologist in Yellowstone

Thursday 12 October 2006

Yellowstone’s Northern Range is treacherous in winter - brimming with boulders, ice, and staggering cliffs. An elusive creature calls this place home and few have what it takes to enter its lair. Join Dr. Toni Ruth as she treks where few dare to follow, and come face to face with Yellowstone’s "Ghost of the Rockies". Movie copyright 2005 by Maria Frostic.

Go to: TERRAITUNES/214_Cougars_Podcast.m4v

Select "save as" or "download target" [8 min. 30 sec. - 56 Mo], then open it with Quicktime or MPlayer.

25 second preview is available at: 12/593-movie-week-4-with-a-cougar-biologist-in-yellowstone

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