Wednesday, October 18, 2006

NY agency seeks comments on bobcat trapping

Staff Report

The state Department of Environmental Conservation is proposing a
bobcat trapping season for parts of Broome, Chenango, Delaware,
Otsego and Schoharie counties.

The change would allow trappers with special permits to take bobcats
between Oct. 25 and Feb. 15 for three years.

Trappers who get the permits would have to submit carcasses to the
DEC for research and complete trapping diary books, officials said.

The special season would include wildlife management units 4F, 4N and

DEC official said the special trapping season could begin as early as
next month.

The special bobcat season and similar season for fisher _ a mammal
related to badgers and weasels _ in the northwestern part of the
state are designed to improve the management of both species by
providing data to researchers, officials said.

The DEC is accepting public comments on the season until Oct. 25.

Comments should be sent to:

Gordon R. Batcheller
New York State Department of Environmental Conservation
625 Broadway
Albany, NY 12233-4754
(518) 402-8885 jpdectrappingpr5.h

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