Monday, October 16, 2006

Oregon cougar hunting season open

Last modified Thursday, October 12, 2006 2:34 PM PDT

The statewide hunting report, released Wednesday by the Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife:


COUGAR season is open on the north coast. These secretive animals are difficult to hunt in an active sense, by stalking or glassing areas. They are best hunted from a stand with a predator call and an aggressive calling technique.



COUGAR: Look for areas frequented by deer and elk to hunt cougars. Roadless areas on public or private land with limited access are good choices. Remember to “ask first” before hunting private lands. Private landowners can be a valuable source of information when it comes to recent cougar sightings in the area.

Some hunters find success in harvesting cougars by using predator calls in areas where cougar sign is found.


COUGAR: Hunters can expect an average year. Cougars are abundant throughout with indicators pointing to stable or increasing numbers and distribution. Hunting cougar is a challenge because these animals are very secretive, but harvest success is greatest adjacent to private land with high deer populations using a predator call.



Conditions are dry. Consult Prineville BLM (416-6700) or Ochoco National Forest (416-6500) for the latest fire restrictions on camping and access.

COUGAR: Cougar are reported regularly in the Maury, Ochoco, and Grizzly units, at all elevations and habitat types. Early season rifle and archery hunters should look for sign, particularly on Ochoco National Forest lands in areas frequented by elk and deer. sports/venture/zvent3huntingreport1011.txt

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