Monday, October 16, 2006

Research to go ahead on Amur leopards in Russia

Saturday 14 October 2006 at 22:08

A group of scientists from the Biological-Soil Institute of the Far Eastern branch of Russian Academy of Science, the Wildlife Conservation Society and the Zoological Society of London have recently been granted the permit to entrap four adult Amur leopards on the territory of Nezhinsky hunting lease in Primorsky region (Russian Far East), with subsequent release into the wild. Entrapment will be made with the purpose of carrying out medical and biologic inspection and collecting biological material (samples of fabrics, blood, sperm and excrement) for conducting a research of genetic state of predators' population. The trapped animals will be radio- and GPS-collared. Leopards will be supervised by means of radio telemetering, tracking in snow and through other ways.

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