Sunday, November 19, 2006

China draws flak over resuming tiger parts trade

Neelam Raaj
18 Nov, 2006 0321hrs ISTTIMES NEWS NETWORK

NEW DELHI: Raise the tiger, sell it and save it. China's move to go down this road by re-opening the business in tiger parts based on farm-bred captive animals has drawn strong protests from conservationists.

Ahead of Chinese president Hu Jintao's visit to India, twelve NGOs from around the world have issued a joint statement to express their concern about the present tiger crisis.

In particular, the statement urges China not to reopen the trade in tiger products, as this will "mark a further step towards the extinction of wild tigers". China banned domestic trade in all tigers and tiger parts in 1993, but is now considering legalising tiger farms.

Tiger organs, teeth, bones and penises fetch high prices on the black market due to their extensive use in traditional Chinese medicine. "Any reopening of trade in tiger products will open a floodgate of consumption in the world's fastest-growing economy. over_resuming_tiger_parts_trade/articleshow/463052.cms

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