Sunday, November 26, 2006

Colorado's lynx program gets $250,000 boost

By Rocky Mountain News
November 24, 2006

Colorado’s lynx reintroduction program received a $250,000 boost from the Colorado Wildlife Heritage Foundation.

"This generous donation will go a long way to ensuring the ongoing success of one of the most popular and important programs the Colorado Division of Wildlife has implemented," said state Division of Wildlife director Bruce McCloskey.

"This demonstrates the foundation’s continued commitment to the lynx program in a very real and significant way. I am very pleased with their monetary assistance in helping the DOW accomplish our objectives."

The DOW points out that since 1973 the species was believed to have become extinct in the state.

The reintroduction program began in 1999 and since then, 218 of the spotted cats from Alaska and Canada have been reintroduced in southwestern Colorado.

The donation will allow the DOW to expand its monitoring efforts of females to determine reproductive successes, and to support an intense analysis to understand why they use certain habitats over others, said Jeff Ver Steeg, assistant director of wildlife programs.

The Colorado Wildlife Heritage Foundation was created in 1989 as a result of the Governor's "Wildlife 21" task force that recognized the contribution wildlife makes to the economy and quality of life of residents of the state.

The Foundation was formed to raise funds to help fill the gap between available funds and wildlife needs.

Karin Ballard, executive director of the Colorado Wildlife Heritage Foundation, explained, "The Foundation gives those who wish to donate to wildlife an opportunity to join others in supporting that which they care most about whether it is projects like the lynx reintroduction, species recovery, education, habitat or research." 0,1299,DRMN_4_5167398,00.html

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