Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Fourth mountain lion killed in ND hunting season

Nov 7 2006 7:39PM

Yesterday, a female mountain lion was hit and injured by a vehicle on a county road yesterday near Dawson.

The owner of the vehicle then shot the lion with a rifle.

The cat was about three years old and weighed about 100 pounds.

Randy Kriel , chief of Wildlife for the Game and Fish says last year all five lions were found in a sixty mile radius near Grassy Butte.

(Randy Kreil, Game and Fish) "If we would've developed a long term management plan based on just what we learned last year we would've really missed a big part of the picture. So, this season and what's happening this season is really helping us, better understanding what's going on and all three of these lions were killed east of the Missouri River, were young lions that we feel were dispersing, looking for new territories."

The experimental mountain lion hunting season will be over when five lions have been taken or by March 11th.

The season started in September.

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