Monday, November 13, 2006

ND deer season open, mountain lion season closed

Nov 10 2006 9:51PM

Thousands of hunters will be out in North Dakota's great outdoors the next few weeks for the deer hunting season.

So what happens if you see a mountain lion?

The lion season closed yesterday with the fifth cat being shot near New Salem.

Last year the first mountain lions were taken during the deer hunting season.

With the large number of hunters in remote areas there's a chance hunters may see a cat.

(Greg Link / ND Game & Fish) "The situation still occurs even before had a season. If someone is in a threatening situation or livestock situation they still have legal ability to take that lion out."

If a mountain lion is shot now that the season is closed the Game and Fish Department will follow up with an investigation.

The game and fish department asks you to report any mountain lion sightings.

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