Saturday, December 30, 2006

Checks on ND mountain lion delayed by fog


State Game and Fish Department officials say a mountain lion that was fitted with a radio collar last month doesn`t seem to be traveling far.

The mountain lion was caught in a trap last month in Billings County. Biologists tranquilized the animal and attached a radio collar to it.

Wildlife officials say the cougar has stayed within a 15 square-mile area of where it was captured.

Wildlife officials say it`s the first time a cougar has been fitted with a tracking collar in North Dakota.

The cat is about 18 months old and weighs about 110 pounds.

Biologist Dorothy Fecske says it`s unknown whether the cougar has found a place it likes, or whether it`s resting.

Fecske says biologists need more time to get a better idea of what the cougar is up to.

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