Friday, December 29, 2006

Leopard killed by car in Rajasthan, India

Achrol (Rajasthan), Dec 28 (ANI): A three-year-old panther died here late on Wednesday after an unidentified vehicle hit it on a national highway.

Wildlife officials said the accident apparently happened at Achrol along the highway connecting Rajasthan's capital Jaipur with the national capital New Delhi.

"Its body was found on the roadside after an accident with an unidentified vehicle. They come from the forests mainly in search of water," said Ramkumar Sharma, Forest Officer.

The death of the panther comes after a series of similar deaths in recent times where wild animals met with tragic death involving speeding vehicles on highways.

"The behaviour of the panther is mainly nocturnal. They keep roaming around a large area. It's just that people tend to panic when they see them. Even when they have come inside habitations, they don't harm anybody. Usually, people drive fast in vehicles on the highway and perhaps due to poor visibility and fog, the panther met with this accident. There is nothing unusual to this," said Dinesh Gaud, a wildlife expert.

Shrinking habitat and increasing human encroachment into forest areas is forcing wild animals to come to villages and towns in search of food, resulting in more man-animal conflicts of late. (ANI) panther-dies-in-road-accident-in-Rajasthan

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