Saturday, December 23, 2006

Mountain lion goes on the attack in California town


Department of Fish and Game representatives reported the presence of six mountain lions in the community last year. Three were seen in one night on security tapes at Yucaipa High School. But the one observed last Friday was on Panorama Drive in Yucaipa and it was definitely an agressive predator.

Greg Gage said he and his Springer spaniel-mix dog were outside early in the morning when he spotted the cat slinking toward them east from Panorama. The cat stopped about 15 feet from them, looked Gage in the eye, over at the dog and pounced, pinning it to the ground. Gage was waving and making a lot of noise and began to pelt the cat with rocks at the same time the dog began to fight back. The lion took off, Gage said, leaving them both shook up.

While Gage said he did not want the lion to be destroyed, the Yucaipa Police Department was contacted in an effort to protect the neighborhood. Gage also said he called his neighbors to let them know about the attack. A department representative said he had contacted Fish and Game.

Messages were also left for Wildwood Canyon State Park Ranger Sue Neary.

Meanwhile, on the North Bench, Judy Burton reported a mountain lion had killed two of her goats.

In Wildwood Canyon, a resident looked up from her cookie-making to see a female watching her bake through the window. news/03news.txt

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