Friday, December 08, 2006

Oregon: Footage of sick cougar cub before it was euthanized

PORTLAND, Ore. - A cougar cub found wandering alone in Wheeler County was euthanized in Bend on Saturday after a veterinarian examined the animal and decided its health was poor and it had little chance of survival.

The fate of the 12-pound cougar cub named Lucky was in question over the weekend.

Oregon Zoo officials said they did not have room for the animal and state wildlife officials stuck to a policy requiring cougar cubs to be placed in a facility accredited by the American Zoo and Aquarium Association within 48 hours. Although zoo officials found a potential home at The Wildcat Sanctuary in Minnesota, it was not an accredited facility.

Kiefer Davis of Mitchell, Ore., was part of a group that found and captured the cougar. He filmed it prior to the animal being euthanized. Here's what he told KATU in an e-mail sent Monday:

"Although here in Mitchell, cougar ARE a huge problem, even in town, this little guy was rescued and we were told they had found a care facility for him in Minnesota.

As you can see in the video, Bob and Will took very good care of him with two pounds of meat and fresh water. Not long after I shot the video, he was taken and was supposed to be placed in a care facility in Minnesota.

This little guy was here in Mitchell, coming up on peoples porches, eating out of their dogs and cats bowls and the entire time he was in the cage, was very docile. (You can hear me state that he "doesn't look well".)

It was very obvious that something was wrong. Just what, I don't know. We here in Mitchell do not take kindly to cougar being in our town, near our children, and one of their favorite meals is our pets.

But this little guy was rescued and we all felt sorry for him as it was very apparent he was an orphan and not well at all.

We were very happy to hear he would be going to a good care facility. Breaks our hearts that he didn't."

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