Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Regional Conservation Strategy for the Lion in Eastern and Southern Africa

Tuesday 12 December 2006 at 15:44

The regional strategy, published by IUCN Cat Specialist Group and supported by many partners, has a global vision of a sustainable environment for the mutual benefit of lion populations and people in perpetuity. This vision recognizes that lion conservation must be viewed in a broad perspective, integrating social and ecological aspects of sustainable natural resource management. The goal of the strategy is to secure, and where possible, restore sustainable lion populations throughout their present and potential range within Eastern and Southern Africa, recognizing their potential to provide substantial social, cultural, ecological and economic benefits. Six objectives are formulated to address the threats and meet the goal, and a number of specific actions recommended.

"Regional Conservation Strategy for the Lion (Panthera leo) in Eastern and Southern Africa" is available at: lion_strategy_east_south_africa.pdf

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