Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Russian authorities issue tiger warning to motorists

Tiger Seeks Vengeance for Cub Overrun by Car in Russia’s Far East

Created: 05.12.2006 11:38 MSK (GMT +3), Updated: 11:38 MSK

Russia’s federal tiger protection task force has issued a warning to motorists in the country’s far-eastern province saying that recently several cars were attacked by a female tiger on local roads.

Vitaly Starostin, deputy chief of a special inspectorate “Tiger” under the Natural Resources Ministry told the Russian news agency RIA-Novosti that the tiger had been spotted on the trunk road Roshchino — Melnichnoye in Krasnoarmeisky District of the province, holding a dead cub in her jaws and attacking cars driving by.

The inspectorate officials have suggested that thus the tiger seeks revenge for her cub hit earlier by a car. They fear that the beast might attack motorists who dare to stop on the roadside and leave the car.

The only thing we may do now is alert the population, Starostin said. “Our officer is now on the scene and controls the situation. He attempted to scare the tiger away but that did not help. But it will go away on her own in several days,” the officials said.

The Amur tiger has been recorded in the International Red Book. The latest survey by Russian and U.S. experts has revealed a population of some 450 animals still dwelling Maritime Region and in the south of Khabarovsk Region.

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