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Save The Tiger Fund – 2007 Request for Proposals

The National Fish and Wildlife Foundation (NFWF) invites the submission of proposals to the Save The Tiger Fund (STF). STF sponsors effective efforts to enable wild tigers to recover and flourish, while empowering local people to live in balance with natural resources and receive tangible benefits from conservation practices whenever possible. We seek to stop the killing of wild tigers by addressing both demand and supply factors, such as the illegal trade in tiger products that drives the killing. Visit to know more about us.

Priority Conservation Projects
STF is focusing its investments in conservation of large landscapes and restoring key corridors to connect fragmented tiger populations through collaborative projects. We are seeking projects in the following tiger conservation landscapes (TCL) as outlined in the Setting Priorities for the Conservation and Recovery of Wild Tigers: 2005-2015 available at:

Russian Far East landscape of Russia and China (TCL’s 1&2),
Terai Arc Landscape of India and Nepal (TCL’s 40-46),
Western Ghats Landscape of India (TCL’s 64-70),
Gunung Leuser landscape of Indonesia (TCL 14).
Successful proposals will consist of grants ranging from $20,000 to $150,000 operating on 1-3 year timeframes that have measurable outcomes related to stabilizing or increasing tiger populations in the targeted landscapes. Applicants are encouraged to develop proposals that enhance collaboration by engaging local stakeholders in developing a comprehensive vision for sustaining wild tiger populations in each landscape. Such proposals should use the relative strengths of the applicant’s organization, establish sound monitoring protocols and estimate tiger populations at the landscape-level, and incorporate adaptive management principles to mitigate threats to tiger populations. STF plans to increase its investment levels in other tiger conservation landscapes in the future as funding becomes available.

The specific priorities of Save The Tiger Fund in these four landscapes are to:
Establish and secure large tiger habitats
Stabilize or increase tiger populations in priority landscapes
Develop landscape-level conservation vision for each tiger landscapes that has buy-in from governments, local communities, non-government organizations (NGOs), other donor partners and development agencies for synergy and leverage in funding for other related conservation projects.
Obtain reserve status for areas with unprotected breeding tiger populations embedded in the matrix of larger landscapes.
Expand the range of breeding tigers in priority tiger conservation landscapes.
Establish baseline information on tiger and prey populations, and habitat in the landscape with a follow up monitoring system
Identify critical corridor gaps in the landscapes and implement necessary conservation interventions for establishing the connectivity.
Mitigate prime threats in each tiger conservation landscape.
Funding for Other Tiger Conservation Projects
STF will also consider smaller, 1-year grants of $15,000 - $30,000 from other tiger conservation priority landscapes not mentioned above, but outlined in the Setting Priorities for the Conservation and Recovery of Wild Tigers: 2005-2015 available at: These grants should demonstrate innovation and excellence in the field of tiger conservation, build capacity, groom future tiger conservation leadership, tackle tiger poaching and trade, reduce human-tiger conflict, mainstream tiger conservation into national and regional development plans or determine the conservation status of tigers in TCLs.

Save The Tiger Fund will conduct an on-going meta-evaluation of the program to collect information on the following indicators: tiger population estimates (No. per 100 km 2), prey abundance (No. per km 2), suitable tiger habitat area (ha) or critical corridors (ha) restored. We are interested in proposals that include specific measures similar to these that are measurable and have direct implications to tiger conservation in the logic framework. For further evaluation guidance see: Save The Tiger Fund invites all applicants to read the results of its evaluation of grants from 1995-2004 and use the findings of that evaluation to inform the development of their logic framework models.

The Save The Tiger Fund will not fund:
Lobbying or litigation activities;
Captive tiger projects that are not part of the approved Species Survival Plan;
Captive tiger projects that do not have a strong link to in situ conservation efforts;
General administrative overhead of sponsoring agency;
Genetic studies without direct implications for tiger conservation.

Regular STF Grantees please note thatwe will have only one grant slate in 2007, so please get your pre-proposals together now. To apply, please fill out the on-line pre-proposal application form found at The deadline for submission of pre-proposals is January 8 th 2007 . Full proposals will be invited for on-line submission upon successful selection of pre-proposals by January 26 th, 2007 . The deadline for full proposals for STF projects is February 26 th, 2007 . The Foundation will inform applicants of their status by mid- May 2007.

Additional Questions
Please review these guidelines carefully. For additional questions about proposal development and logic frameworks, please contact

Next RFP deadline
We anticipate that the next request for proposals will go out at the beginning of September 2007, please check this website occasionally or email to ensure that you are on the RFP distribution list. Research/Grantees/Applyforagrant/default.htm

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