Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Kansas: No cougars yet, but lynx sightings persist

The Wichita Eagle
Posted on Sun, Jan. 28, 2007

Kansas is still awaiting its first confirmed wild mountain lion in more than 100 years. Biologists are having no problems confirming lynx, though.

On Dec. 31, a game warden caught a lynx in Barton County. The animal had first been seen in Gove County, more than 100 miles to the west, on Nov. 22.

Another lynx was killed by a vehicle in western Kansas in 2005. Both animals wore radio collars from the Colorado Division of Wildlife.

Lynx, a close relative to bobcats, once roamed much of the Rockies, the northern U.S. and Canada.

There are no historic records of lynx in Kansas. Colorado is working to re-establish a population in the southwestern part of the state, and has released more than 200 animals since 1999.

Wandering Colorado lynx have since been found in nine states.

Mountain lions still seem to be on the move across the Midwest.

In 2006, Missouri officials had their ninth and 10th confirmed mountain lions in modern times.

One in northern Missouri was photographed by a trail camera on Dec. 7.

Another killed and partially ate a deer in the central part of the state in November.

Two additional 2006 confirmations brought the modern-times total in Nebraska to 32. A mountain lion was also shot in western Oklahoma, where it was killing livestock....


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