Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Leopard pair on prowl in Indian district

Srinagar, January 30: Panic struck the entire Khrew area in central Srinagar district when a pair of wild leopards prayed on two domestic goats in a village late last night and killed a street dog this morning.

Reports said that two wild leopards, probably a male and female, appeared in Gormayi Naad village in Khrew area late last night and killed two domestic goats in separate attacks. The carcasses of the two goats were consumed by the apparently hungry leopards.

A police party, along wit wildlife officials, rushed to the area early this morning to chase away the wild leopards. The leopards, however, did not harm any humans and wild life officials believe that the pair was looking for some easy prey.

"Certainly, the animals are not man eaters," said wild life warden central Kashmir, Raashid Naqaash. The wild life warden further said that a team of wild life officials was scanning the entire area to ensure that the leopards have been driven back to the forest and are not hidden nearby.

The wild life officials also circulated the DOs and DO NOTs manual among the villagers in the area to prevent any damage due to a wild animal coming into accidental conflict with humans.

"Basically our stress is on keeping children indoors before dawn and after dusk. Also we want people to avoid any encounter with the wild animals because the animals can attack if they feel threatened," Raashid said.

The feeling among the people, however, is that of panic as many persons have been mauled and killed by wild animals over the past few months while people have killed animals in retaliation.

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