Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Suspicious case of ‘tiger poaching’ in Indian sanctuary

Lucknow, January 8

HAS A tiger been poached in Kishanpur Wildlife Sanctuary? This question is giving officials of the Forest Department and wildlife activists’ sleepless nights ever since they came across a decomposed loaf of meat, suspected to be that of a tiger, in the heart of the jungle.

Dr V P Singh of the Terai Nature Conservation Society said that the meat appeared to be of a tiger. This is because, he said, 20 to 25 kg of the meat found was highly pungent and a portion of it was buried. Substantiating his claims, he said that the tiger’s meat was not relished due to its pungent odour.

He also said that it appeared to be a case of poaching where the body parts of the tiger were removed after being skinned. “This is for the first time that meat sans bones and other body parts have been found. If a tiger had died its natural death then the meat should have had bones or other parts,” he stated.

Sources said on Monday that senior officials including the field director MP Singh had been camping in Kishanpur and a part of the meat is being sent to Meerut IVRI for examination.

It maybe mentioned that tiger skin and bones are in huge demand in China and elsewhere in the country. The bones alone fetch around Rs 2000 per kg in Delhi.

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