Sunday, March 11, 2007

Bobcat nicks neck of water plant worker

The Associated Press

Cape Girardeau — So a rabbit and a bobcat get into a golf cart ...

It sounds like the beginning of a joke — but the teeth and claws were real, as water-plant worker Mitch Walter found out.

Walter is an operator at the Cape Rock Water Treatment Plant, where his duties include inspecting the property in a golf cart.

As he backed the cart away from the building Tuesday night, a rabbit leaped into the passenger side — followed by a 25-pound bobcat.

The rabbit then jumped back out, leaving Walter alone with a large, frightened feline.

"The cat went from a sleek predator after fast food to a ball of fur trying to jump through the windshield of the golf cart," he said.

Walter received scratches on his neck while shoving the bobcat out.

The scratches necessitated a round of rabies shots, but he was otherwise unhurt. 20070310/NEWS01/703100401/1007

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