Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Cougar enters Colo. neighborhood, kills family's dog

But will the county participate in effort to drive them away?

by Laura Main
March 27, 2007

BOULDER (KWGN) -- A Boulder family is mourning the loss of their beloved family pet. A mountain lion killed their 2-year-old dog early Friday morning. The attack comes right as Boulder County decided to delay a decision on taking part in a mountain lion behavior study.

The attack happened in the Boulder foothills neighborhood of Pine Brook Hills. Wildlife officials confirm the 80-pound dog was killed and taken off by a mountain lion. Neighbord say they're sad, but not surprised.

Pine Brook Hills lives up to its name. There are towering pine trees and a babbling brook gurgling through the large lots. The sounds of birds singing and woodpeckers working on a telephone pole fill the air. But now the serenity seems a little bit more scary after Friday morning's mountain lion attack.

The Homeowners' Association notified residents by email about the attack. Most are taking it in stride. Out for an afternoon walk, Jane Holzman said, "We chose to live up here with the animals and we hafve to take the precautions that we need to, to protect pets and kids." She says she loves living so close to nature, even though it's come right up to the window on occasion. "We've had a bear on our deck take a bird feeder and glug, glug, glug right outside of our bedroom window but we haven't seen the mountain lions."

Other residents have and they'd like to see all the area's mountain lions killed or be relocated. The President of the Homeowner's Association, Tim Triggs says the animal had been spotted in the area for several days before the attack on High View Lane.

It happened just a few hours after Boulder County's Parks and Open Space Advisory Committee voted to delay taking part in a mountain lion behavior study. The Division of Wildlife asked them to take part to better understand encounters between the big cats and humans encroaching on their habitats.

Pine Brook Hills residents hope this particular mountain lion is found soon.

Holzman said, "When you encounter an animal that's being aggressive, I think that's the time to relocate it."

Jefferson County has already agreed to take part in that mountain lion study. It will now be at least late April before Boulder County Commissioners decide if they want to participate., 0,6511210,print.story?coll=kwgn-home-2

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