Monday, March 26, 2007

India: Leopard rescued from trap, sent to zoo

From correspondents in Himachal Pradesh, India, 08:09 PM IST

A leopard caught in a trap in a village in Himachal Pradesh was rescued after remaining head down for several hours.

Villagers near Dabdehal village in Mandi district, some 200 km from here, found the growling leopard hanging from a tree and called wildlife officials who arrived after several hours, media reports said Saturday.

The wildlife team injected the big cat with tranquillisers and trapped the injured animal in a cage. The leopard was then sent to the Gopalpur zoo.

The leopard was caught in a trap meant for wild boars. Villagers often trap crop-damaging wild boars and kill them.

The state government has recently relaxed the law by allowing farmers to kill wild boars.

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