Thursday, March 15, 2007

Nevada considers open-season on mountain lions

ACTION ALERT End Date: 4/1/2007

Nevada’s Assembly Bill 259 declares open season on mountain lions, with no restrictions on how, when or how many mountain lions can be killed. Seriously, AB 259 specifically allows for aerial hunting from airplanes or helicopters, the use of spring guns, set guns or “other devise for the destruction of a mountain lion.”

And just in case anyone missed the point, AB259 calls for the Nevada Department of Wildlife to be renamed the Department of Fish and Game, reinforcing the view that wildlife in Nevada is merely fodder for sport hunters.

Let’s stop this bill now! Let’s hit hard and give them no more mercy than they give wildlife.

AB259 has been referred to the Committee on Natural Resources, Agriculture and Mining – which is chaired by Jerry Claborn, AB259’s author – and may be heard any day.


* Complete text of AB259

* The Committee on Natural Resources, Agriculture and Mining meets
Mondays and Wednesday at 1:30 p.m. in Room 3161. Check agenda updates
for the hearing on AB259.

Take Action! Insist these committee members stop this insanity and work instead to protect mountain lions and other wildlife. Tell them that real sportsmen already have an unfair advantage over wildlife and do not need any more weapons added to their arsenal.

Contact: Write Assembly Members through USPS:
c/o Nevada Assembly
401 S. Carson St., Carson City, NV 89701

Natural Resources, Agriculture and Mining
Commitee Members:

Jerry Claborn - Chair
Phone 775-684-8569

Joseph Hogan - Vice Chair
Phone 775-684-8541

Kelvin Atkinson
Phone 775-684-8577

David Bobzien
Phone 775-684-8559

Ruben Kihuen
Phone 775-684-8553

James Ohrenschall
Phone 775-684-8819

Debbie Smith
Phone 775-684-8841

John Carpenter
Phone 775-684-8831

Pete Goicoechea
Phone 775-684-8573

Tom Grady
Phone 775-684-8507

John Marvel
Phone 775-684-8851

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