Sunday, April 01, 2007

FREE DOWNLOAD: Classic book on tiger conservation

Now available as a free download, "Riding the Tiger: Tiger Conservation in Human-Dominated Landscapes" (Cambridge University Press, 1999) is a comprehensive, scientific, and eminently readable account of the problems and possible solutions of securing a future for wild tigers. Lavishly illustrated in full color, the book is written by leading conservationists working throughout Asia. It looks at tiger ecology and biology, examining the tiger in both its natural setting and in our own consciousness. In exploring our efforts at conservation, the book addresses topology and population dynamics. Later sections discuss prey depletion and region-specific studies. Riding the Tiger is a vital information resource for tiger conservationists in the field, as well as necessary reading for serious students of carnivore conservation and conservation biologists in general. For the general reader, it is an accessible and elucidating overview of tiger conservation.

Complete document (400 pages - 152MB): issues/tiger_riding_book.pdf

Individual chapters: Scientists/RidingTheTigerBook/default.htm

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