Tuesday, April 10, 2007

India: Another tigress killed on a road in Terai

Tuesday 10 April 2007

Meraj Anwar sent this report: A full grown tigeress Panthera tigris was killed on 8th of April, 2007 due to vehicular collision on Haldwani – Rudrapur highway near 12 km milestone to haldwani at about 0800 hours (IST). This road passes through the Terai Central forest division of Uttarakhand (Uttaranchal) State and breaks the continuity of forests of haldwani, bhakra and tanda forest ranges of the division. Highway bears high vehicular traffic mainly of heavy vehicles and lacks speed-checking points. Vehicle movement at the accident site (N 29 07 63.8, E 79 27 00.2) was recorded 2 light motor vehicles/minute and 7 heavy motor vehicle/minute. There are 5 stone crushing centers within the radius of 5 km from the spot that increases vehicular movement on the road. According to the studies of Wikramanayake et al. (2001) and Johnsingh et al. (2004), this forest division is a vital part of Terai Arc Landscape for the long-term conservation of tigers.

http://www.carnivoreconservation.org/dotclear/index.php/?2007/04/10/ 1071-another-tigress-killed-on-a-road-in-terai

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