Sunday, April 01, 2007

Leopard scare in Indian villages

Saturday March 31 2007 06:30 IST

HOSUR: Krishnagiri Forest Department has been taking all-round efforts to trap a leopard that has been hunting cattle, dogs and monkeys in Uthangarai area for nearly 15 days, creating panic among the villagers.

According to sources, so far the leopard killed at least 15 sheep, 50 monkeys and 25 dogs in the forest region in the villages like Nedungal, Penneswaramadam, Thattakkal and Deveerahalli.

The village elders told that the leopard has been killing dogs, guarding the mango orchards in Uthagarai region.

Farmers in Uthangarai and surrounding villages usually engage two to three dogs to guard their orchard during mango-ripening season, which starts from February. Several people have spotted the leopard in Thattakkal area during the past three days.

When forest officials arrived at the spot, the wild animal hid in a cave in Thattakkal mountain. A forest official team led by Forest Ranger Krishnan has been pressed into service to track and trap the leopard. &Page=T&Title=Southern+News+-+Tamil+Nadu&Topic=0

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