Monday, April 09, 2007

Number of tigers, other wild animals down in Indian state

IANS Sunday 8th April, 2007

The population of tigers, deer, wild buffaloes and other wild animals has come down in Jharkhand, says a Comptroller and Auditor General (CAG) report.

The CAG report was submitted in the budget session of the Jharkhand assembly.

It, however, says that the number of elephants and wild dogs has increased substantially in the last 15 years in the Palamau Tiger Reserve.

Since 1992, the tiger population has fallen from 52 to 38 in 2004, cheetals from 15,688 to 13,147, sambars from 2,580 to 2,257 and wild buffaloes from 727 to 260.

The elephant population increased from 115 to 260 during the same period. The report also termed the method adopted for counting tigers as unscientific.

'The pugmark method adopted by the forest department to count the heads of tigers is not scientific. Untrained persons were pressed into service for tiger headcounts,' the report says.

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