Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Taiwan: Travel agency exec booked for selling leopard skin

The China Post staff

The Criminal Investigation Bureau (CIB) announced yesterday the booking of a Taipei travel agency executive for selling leopard skin and other animal coats on the Internet.

CIB officials said they found Lee Shu-chun, 44, soliciting customers for leopard skin for NT$188,000 per piece on the Internet.

Disguised as potential buyers, the police officers asked to personally inspect the products to ensure they were genuine.

Lee, an assistant manager at Southeast Tour (SET), was booked after he took out two pieces of leopard skin from his car at an underground parking lot on Section 2 of Zhongshan North Road. His products were confiscated.

CIB officials said Lee has violated the nation's wildlife conservation and protection regulations for selling the leopard skin, which came with stuffed heads.

This could be the first case in which someone was busted for peddling protected animal products on the Internet in Taiwan.

Lee admitted that he brought back some killed and stuffed animals and animal coats from overseas trips, including those to South Africa.

But a financial pinch prompted him to convert some of his collections into cash, he said.

A senior executive at SET said Lee was known to have the hobby of collecting a wide variety of artifacts and other products.

He stressed that Lee's selling products of protected animals was his individual conduct and has no relation with the company. 2007418/45557.htm

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