Saturday, April 14, 2007

Zimbabwe: Lions behind recent livestock killings

The Herald (Harare)
April 10, 2007
Posted to the web April 10, 2007


A PRIDE of marauding lions is on the prowl in Guruve where villagers are living in fear after the predators killed 22 cattle, 10 goats and five sheep in the past two months.

The lions were first spotted crossing Hunyani River, near Doma Game Park on the border of Guruve and Mhangura before they killed their first prey in the Nyakapupu small-scale farms in Guruve on February 2.

Since then the lions have been moving from kraal to kraal, killing cattle, goats and sheep, mainly at night.

Villagers in Guruve reported to the police that they had seen the lions' spoors whenever a beast was devoured.

Mashonaland Central acting police spokesman Assistant Inspector Nicisson Kasoso confirmed receiving a report of the seven lions on the prowl, saying three teams from the National Parks and Wildlife Management Authority have been deployed in Guruve but are yet to capture the animals.

He said they first killed 17 beasts at Rwodzi homestead in Nyakapupu area and three goats at Kaguda homestead in Ruwinga village.

Chibondo homestead at Muzika Village also lost a cow to the marauding lions.

Police said it is believed the lions also killed seven goats and five sheep at Penrose Farm east of Guruve Centre.

Guruve Rural District Council has since summoned National Parks wardens who dispatched three teams but are yet to locate the lions.

However, some security guards said they saw the lions on March 29 in a bushy area near Eureka Mine but disappeared into the bush along Dande River.

Information reaching the police is that the lions were now close to Warden Safaris near Mavuradonha Wilderness.

Asst Insp Kasoso warned people within the area to be careful especially when moving at night as their lives were in danger.

"People should remain alert as their lives are at risk considering the number of domestic animals killed so far," he said.

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