Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Ariz. couple watches as mountain lion kills deer

PRESCOTT, Ariz. -- A Prescott couple got a rare firsthand look at the savage side of Mother Nature.

When Dale and Nancy Bryant heard the "frightening" noise of a screaming animal on Saturday, they looked out their window to see a mountain lion killing a deer.

They froze for several minutes to watch the gory scene from about 50 feet away. "You just can't figure that's happening in front of you," Nancy Bryant said.

The lion dragged the deer into the backyard as Dale Bryant shot off three photos from the back porch.

"He was not happy with me shining a light on him while he was trying to drag his deer away," he said. "He turned and gave me a dirty look."

The Arizona Game and Fish Department conducted an educational seminar about lions in March in the very northwest Prescott subdivision where the Bryants have lived for 26 years.

Dale Bryant said he and his wife are comfortable with the lions passing through their yard, as long as they don't hurt humans.

"Obviously, the lion knows this and is familiar with this area, and it's a place to wait for dinner," he said. "You've got to coexist as much as you can."

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