Thursday, May 24, 2007

China: Woman mauled by wild tiger to get compenstation

May 23 2007 at 06:08PM

Beijing - A woman attacked by a Siberian tiger in north-east China last week stands to become the country's first person to receive state compensation for injuries from a wild animal, state media reported on Wednesday.

Che Jinxia, 25, suffered six bone fractures in her hands and arms on Saturday after being attacked by a wild tiger while picking herbs near a wilderness reserve outside her home village of Wudaogou, in Jilin province, Xinhua news agency reported.

"I was concentrating on my work and didn't see it approach," Che told Xinhua from her hospital bed.

"It pounced on me and bit me on the arms, but my screams must have scared the tiger and it ran away," Che said.

Che would receive government compensation, Xinhua said citing a local official. That is in line with a regulation that took effect on the same day she was attacked, and was a result of complaints from farmers about wild animals preying on their cattle.

Siberian tigers, also known as Amur or Manchurian tigers, mainly live in north-east China and Siberia, and are listed as one of 10 species on the verge of extinction by the World Wildlife Fund, Xinhua said. =31&art_id=nw20070523180515180C308904

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