Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Proposed N.D. changes would increase no. of cougars killed

May 14 2007 11:10PM
KXMBTV Bismarck

After two successful mountain lion hunting seasons in North Dakota, the State Game and Fish is proposing major changes.

Only five cats a year were allowed to be harvested in 2005 and 2006, now officials want to expand that.

Game and Fish Outreach Biologist Greg Gullickson says only five cats would be allowed to be taken from the badlands area but an unlimited number would be allowed throughout the state.

Gullickson says it would be a one cat limit per person though.

He says the Game and Fish wants to make the change because there's only so much habitat for mountains in the state and many are roaming beyond that.

(Greg Gullickson, ND Game & Fish Outreach Biologist) "We've identified some key mountain lion habitat and the badlands area of North Dakota is suitable. They did colonize the badlands at the turn of the century. So they are colonizing that. The other mountain lions out on the prairie are just wondering through trying to find a place to call their own and really the prairie isn't suitable habitat for mountain lions. Really there's no need for mountain lions to be in some of these outlying areas. "

Gullickson says most of the previous rules would still apply.

No dogs could be used to hunt a mountain lion until after December 1st.

Any FEMAle mountain lion with kittens or any kittens would be off limits.

The proposed season would run from August 31st, 2007 through March 9th, 2008.

Hunters would just need a fur-bear[er]s license to pursue a Mountain Lion

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