Friday, May 25, 2007

Two tiger cubs found dead in Indian well, third survives

Sunny Sebastian

JAIPUR: Two tiger cubs were found dead in a bawri ( steep well) near Ganeshpuri in the Khandar range of the Ranthambhore National Park in Sawai Madhopur district of Rajasthan. A third cub, dehydrated and injured along with them in the 20-25 feet deep well, was rescued on Wednesday and reunited with its mother on Thursday.

Interestingly the cubs, said to be three months old, were not listed in the tiger census held in the Project Tiger sanctuary earlier this month. Information on the cubs was first given to the Khandar range authorities by the villagers. Ranger Vijaypal Singh who reached the spot took out the cubs with the help of the local people. Veterinary experts after examination pronounced two of them dead while the third one was provided with medical aid. By Wednesday afternoon the carcasses of the cubs were burnt as stipulated by the conservation laws.

The post mortem revealed empty stomachs indicating that the cubs had fallen into the well at least two days ago . The rescued cub was put on drips and treated with anti-biotics and vitamins.

R.S. Shekhawat, Deputy Director of Ranthambhore Park, talking on phone confessed that the cubs and their mother were not listed in the recent census in which pug mark/ plaster cast method and the technique of counting at the water holes were applied. "We had counted six tigresses with litters during the census operations and this is the seventh one," Mr. Shekhawat said while refusing to give out the total number of cubs in the Park at present. Though the census figures are yet to be announced officially, sources said that the area presently had at least three tigresses with three cubs each and another two felines with two cubs each.

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