Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Cougar killed in N. Calif. following week of sightings


An adult male mountain lion was killed in the Arcata area on Saturday morning following a week of sightings and pet deaths.

Arcata Police Department Capt. Tom Chapman said the department received on Saturday its fourth reported mountain lion sighting within a week. The mountain lion was spotted in the backyard of a residential area.

A couple of cats and a goat were reportedly killed by mountain lions during previous sightings and/or attacks recently.

An APD officer shot and wounded the approximately 150-pound mountain lion in the 200 block of Shirley Boulevard, Chapman said. The animal ran away and the California Department of Fish and Game responded with dogs, who chased the mountain lion up a tree within 100 yards of the location of the reported sighting, he said. A hunter with DFG then killed the mountain lion, Chapman said.

"It was unfortunate that the mountain lion had to be killed, but our fear was for the residents in the neighborhood and the potential for a small child being attacked," he said. ArticleID=25277

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