Sunday, June 10, 2007

India: Outline for tiger conservation in MP

Jabalpur, June 9: In an effort to cope up with management challenges for conservation of tigers and other wildlife species, an outline for 'Tiger Conservation Scheme' has been prepared by forest experts, senior forest department officers and officials posted in the forest regions.

Teh forest regions, having tigers are important for the preservation of forest resources, environment and bio-diversity.

As per official information, an integrated scheme has been chalked out for conserving tiger habitats.

Various suggestions -- including the establishment of Wild Life Crime Control Bureau, Wildlife Research Branch and training to all officers posted in the forest regions having tigers -- had been made for the conservation of tigers.

Other suggestions included environmental management of the areas adjoining the protected areas, availability of patrol vehicles, management and conservation of corridors joining tiger-regions, promoting ecological development and giving priority to rehabilitation of the villages near the conserved regions.

Dehra Dun-based Wildlife Institute of India (WII) had recently published preliminary figures regarding the tiger populationand its habitats. It was based an a study conducted over central India.

According to the report, maximum numbers of tigers in national parks and sanctuaries stood at 340 while, on an average 275 tigers were found in these places. The figure excluded 50 cubs below 18 months of age.

In the second phase, result of the study conducted in general forest division outside the conserved regions will come by the end of this year.

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