Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Leopard shot dead by angry Indian mob

Dehradun, June 19: An angry mob today shot dead a leopard after it attacked a woman at Vikasnagar area here, police said.

The incident took place when Dhundo Devi (60) was going to a market when suddenly the leopard attacked her.

Devi fought bravely and warded off the attack. After seeing people who has gathered, the leopard jumped into a nearby building where the villagers chased it.

The people attacked it with stones and later someone from the crowd fired at it killing it on the spot.

An inquiry has been ordered into the incident, Forest Minister Bansi Dhar Bhagat said.

"We have heard that the leopard was allegedly shot dead. We are verifying these reports," said Bhagat.

http://www.saharasamay.com/samayhtml/ articles.aspx?newsid=77893

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